Fun with Flowers Prewriting Pack for Preschoolers

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There is so much to learn with this preschool pack! The main focus is on prewriting skills, but it also incorporates colors and counting. See more pictures here →

What's in the Flower Themed Prewriting Pack?

1. Dab & Count to 20

Practice fine motor skills with do-a-dot markers or fingerprints.

2. Trace the Flowers

Refine prewriting practice by tracing pretty flowers. Tip: this is also a great way to teach your preschooler to draw flowers!

3. Flower Garden Maze

Help the birdie find the flower garden by tracing lines.

4. Flower Colors Memory Game

Match colored flowers with the corresponding color word.

5. Match the Flowers Prewriting Worksheet

Draw a line from the flower in the left column to the matching color in the right column.

6. Flower Line Tracing

Follow and trace the wavy lines and trace the first letter of the flower color in the boxes on the right.

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Fun with Flowers Prewriting Pack for Preschoolers

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